Chancellor appointed to prestigious Kissinger Fellowship

05 Feb 2021

ANU Chancellor the Hon Julie Bishop has been named the 2021 Kissinger Fellow by the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

Based at Arizona State University, the McCain Institute Kissinger Fellowship develops future foreign policy and national security leaders.

As Fellow, Ms Bishop will draw on her vast foreign policy leadership to develop a program that makes the case for greater US engagement in the Indo-Pacific, as well as outline how a stronger alliance among the US, Australia and like-minded nations, can bolster security, commerce and human dignity.                

Ms Bishop, who served as Australia's first female foreign minister, said she was "honoured" to be offered the Kissinger Fellowship.

"I had great respect for the late Senator McCain and met him on many occasions," she said.

"Whenever I visited Washington, he was always available for a meeting and discussion on world affairs. He was a man of honour and integrity.

"I have long admired Dr Kissinger who has been a source of advice and wisdom over the years, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to continue to work with him on our research projects."

Under Ms Bishop's watch as foreign minister, Australia undertook innovative and long-term investments in the Indo-Pacific region and around the globe.

"The Kissinger Fellowship at the McCain Institute is a very moving symbol for me because Senator McCain stood for the strength of America and for the role of America, especially in the Pacific," said Dr Henry Kissinger said.

"I am delighted that Julie Bishop is the Kissinger Fellow for this year and maybe for longer. I have known her since she was foreign minister of Australia, and Australia is an absolutely key factor in the security and possible progress of the Indo-Pacific region."

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