ANU travel insurance information

27 Mar 2020

I have been recalled to Australia and have paid for a one-way flight. How can I get this expense reimbursed?  

Chubb, the University's travel insurer, will require as much documentation as is available.  

Download your corporate travel claim form here

Please substantiate every claim with the following: 

Section 1 - your personal details 

  • Insured company: The Australian National University 

  • Policyholder/insured: The Australian National University 

  • Policy number: 01PP528643 

Section 2 - your/ANU EFT details  

Section 4 - cancellation charges/loss of deposit or 

Section 6 - emergency expenses, including the below: 

  • Original booking, i.e. booking dates, destinations, duration of travel etc. 

  • Evidence of ANU-approved travel (approved travel e-form) 

  • Evidence of the University's notification of recall to you (claimant)  

  • Cost of your ticket purchased and if necessary, a screenshot as evidence that no cheaper options were available 

  • Proof of payment for your flight ticket  

  • All other receipts, documentation & information that will expedite assessment  

Section 11 - declarations & signatures 

Please submit the completed claim to the ANU Insurance Office Each claim will be examined on its individual circumstances and associating expenses.  


I have received flight credits from my airline after my airline has cancelled my upcoming travel. What should I do? 

Chubb will assess any claim arising from such situations on each case's individual merit.  

If your travel was booked using University funds, please ensure that this is noted as part of your claim submission as credits received will belong to the University, not the individual claimant.  

Refunds/credits must be sought from the airline/travel provider before a claim is submitted. Download your corporate travel claim form here and email your completed form to the ANU Insurance Office ( If refunds/credits are not available, i.e. airline is unable/unwilling to provide a monetary refund; you must receive written notice of this from the airline/travel agent. This needs to be documented and evidenced along with all previously mentioned documentation.  All attempts must be made to recoup expenses before a claim is submitted for analysis.   


Important Contacts 

International SOS Sydney Assistance Centre: +61 2 9372 2468 (ANU membership number: 12AGDA915147)

ANU business travel insurance policy number: 01PP528643 

ANU Insurance Office: