ANU Spaces - Michaela Hatch

Meet student Michaela Hatch...

Michaela, can you tell us what do you do at the University?

I'm a first year student studying a Bachelor of Asia Pacific Studies.

What is your favourite spot on campus?

I enjoy the beer garden at ANU bar.

You like it because...

It's a great place to relax and catch up with friends, and get some study done.

If you were free for an afternoon, you would...

Be out and about looking for something to do, sitting around isn't really my style.

Congratulations on being the only Australian to receive the prestigious Licentiate Teaching Diploma of Speech and Drama at the International Music Examinations Board graduation in Sydney recently. Can you tell us what the diploma will do to help you further your career?

Communication and confidence are two important elements that I have acquired from my study towards my Licentiate Diploma and will be useful no matter what career I pursue.  At the moment my goals involve pursuing a career in Korea either through teaching, diplomacy or business communications. Needless to say clarity of spoken communication in a multi-lingual setting will be critical. I've also found that while learning the Korean language has been challenging, the confidence I have gained through speech and drama has helped me greatly.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have worked, and am currently working, with Yuhuan Xiao (International Officer of the Residents Committee at UniLodge) on the OZ1001 program.

The OZ1001 initiative was started through the UniLodge Residents Committee in semester two 2013, and aims to aid the transition of international students into a new cultural and social environment. My particular role in the program is to offer a qualified articulation and speech session, in conjunction with English tutoring and a mentoring session on a weekly basis.

In the first semester of 2014, dedicated volunteers have organised English conversation groups and recreational activities that were free and open to international and domestic students alike, in an effort to encourage communication and further the sense of community. This program has gained the support of UniLodge Residential Life Manager James Jeffres and ANU Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Baker.

More information can be found on the OZ1001 facebook page.

We've noticed your passion appears to be drama/theatre, public speaking and debating. What is it that you like about these areas?

The fact that it makes people happy is the most simple and straight forward answer I can give. Being on stage and being able to inspire or transport people is a rewarding experience. However, as I learnt in later years, being able to increase a student's confidence and inspiring them to pursue their own goals in the performing arts is even more rewarding. Being able to watch my students grow in confidence and reap the same benefits that I received through pursuing speech and drama is truly gratifying.

That aside, being able to play with props, scenes, and characters and being able to step out of your comfort zone all in the name of 'art' is also a pretty fun.

Earlier this year, you commenced Asia Pacific studies at ANU. How will this area of study help you further your career prospects?

It is my hope that this degree will give me the required skills to successfully enter a career such as public relations, communication, business, the public service or journalism, related to the Asia Pacific region. By undertaking classes in International Relations and peace building, I hope to increase my knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and develop my skills in diplomacy. I also believe that learning a second language such Korean will prove invaluable in the pursuit of my future goals.