ANU Spaces - Chris Browne

Meet Chris Browne an academic who works at the Research School of Engineering

What do you do at ANU? Postgraduate student.

What is your favourite spot on campus? University Avenue.

I like it because... You always run into someone you don't expect to.

If I were free for an afternoon, I would... get into my next DIY project.

Congratulations on receiving your award for Teaching Excellence. Can you tell us your inspiration for getting into teaching as well as the world of engineering?

I have a habit of building, fixing, tweaking (and sometimes breaking) all sorts of things, usually learning how something works in the process. I see knowledge much the same way, and get a buzz from creating an environment in which others can build, question, refine (and sometimes break) their own world views - and hopefully learn something in the process too.

How will this recognition assist with your on-going teaching, research and career?

My teaching is very much an application of my research, with a key focus on understanding how to create effective learning environments for our future leaders. It's a real honour to be recognised in this way so early in my career, and hope that it might help pave the way for future research and teaching opportunities.

If you could choose a hero in the engineering world, who would it be and why?

Ask me in twenty years - I'm sure that I would have had the privilege of teaching them.