ANU invests in national tech policy capability

07 Feb 2024

The Australian National University (ANU) has bolstered its commitment to helping the nation respond to the societal impacts of rapidly evolving technology, with the ANU Tech Policy Design Centre (TPDC) being made a permanent centre of the University. 

To mark its transition from a pilot to a permanent centre, TPDC has announced the development of Australia’s first dedicated tech policy curriculum and an expanded research agenda, supported by a new Independent Advisory Board, which meets today for the first time.

“Artificial Intelligence, cyber security and online privacy burst into mainstream public conversations in Australia last year,” Professor Weaver, Founding Director of the Tech Policy Design Centre, said.

“Experimenting with ChatGPT, or dealing with the personal fallouts of the Medibank or Optus incidents, awakened many Australians to the realisation that our adoption of technology has outpaced its integration into law and public policy.

“The urgency of getting tech regulation right cannot be overstated. People often focus on the speed of technology innovation. At TPDC, we champion technology and policy innovation at speed and scale. To shape a positive future, technology and policy must develop in unison.”

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