ANU early-career researchers win ARC funding

17 August 2021

Research to measure the sound of inner speech, track groundwater variations beneath the Great Artesian Basin, and develop a new model to measure the chemical history of galaxies are among projects led by early career researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) to receive federal funding.

Researchers from ANU won $6 million worth of funding across 14 projects in the latest round of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme. 

ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Keith Nugent congratulated all the funding winners.  

"It's exciting to see the breadth of early-career talent from across the University acknowledged in the latest round of ARC funding," he said.

"Through these projects our researchers will undertake pioneering work and explore issues of national significance including healthcare policy, cyber security, resource management, astronomy and Indigenous affairs.   

"ANU conducts research that transforms society and improves the nation and our world every single day. Our early-career researchers are a vital part of this vital mission." 

ANU projects to receive DECRA funding:

Dr Yuan-Sen Ting - A New Era of Galactic Archaeology with Large Surveys and Machine Learning

Dr Mark Hoggard - Sedimentary basins: Windows into the dynamics of Australian lithosphere 

Dr Muhammad Kavesh - Donkey Politics: How China's Belt & Road shapes everyday life in Pakistan

Dr Chengxin Jiang - Tracking groundwater variations via 4-dimensional seismic imaging

Dr Maria Dahm - Addressing the challenge of communicating uncertainty in diagnosis

Dr Kathryn Grasha - Stars and Galaxies: The chemical abundance breakthrough

Dr Bradley Jack - Measuring the sound of inner speech with advanced brain signal analyses

Dr Eliezer Estrecho - Mixing light and matter with complex gauge fields

Dr Conrad Lee - The influence of conscious state on cortical processing and perception

Dr Jane Desborough - The Real Price of Health: Experiences of Out-of-Pocket Costs in Australia

Dr Thomas Haines - Efficient privacy-preserving proofs for secure e-government and e-voting

Dr Jack Evans - Harnessing dynamic materials to produce better heterogeneous catalysts

Dr Joanne Bennett - Linking changes in plant-pollinator networks to plant reproduction

Dr Laura Rademaker - Self-determination for Indigenous Australia: histories, visions and voice

Full details of the ANU projects to receive funding can be found on the ARC website.