Acton Campus Master Plan

01 Aug 2019

The Australian National University (ANU) is consistently ranked as one of Australia’s two leading universities, and among the world’s best.

ANU has a clear vision for its future:

ANU will sit among the great universities of the world, defined by a culture of excellence in all its endeavours.

The University has already achieved global standing for its academic and research achievements, and is now seeking to create an environment on its Acton Campus that is of equally outstanding quality.

The campus has a striking landscape setting, and is home to a collection of significant buildings and spaces. However, the lack of coherent planning over decades has resulted in a campus environment that is often experienced as dispersed and disconnected, and is not always consistent with the University’s clear future vision.

The 2018 Turnberry Consulting Comparative Review benchmarked the ANU Acton Campus against globally high-ranking universities around the world. It found that, compared to other leading universities, the campus:

  • lacks a distinct identity
  • is not seen as a vibrant campus experience
  • does not have the high-quality pedestrian public spaces that define the world’s great universities.

The review emphasised the need for clear strategic renewal, with a focus on:

  • lively campus hubs
  • coherent identity and brand
  • a positive pedestrian experience
  • streamlined traffic and parking
  • a stronger connection to Canberra city.