Academic Board News - Meeting: 5/2023 - 10 October 2023

16 Feb 2024

Academic Board News  

Meeting 5/2023

10 October 2023



Academic Board held its fifth meeting of the year on 10 October via zoom.

The following is a summary of the key matters considered and discussed by the Board at this meeting:

Report from the Chair 

The Chair spoke to the written report and highlighted key items with members including addressing academic freedom matters and requests for guidance/advice, outcomes from the IDEA Governance Committee Meeting, the development of the 2024 Academic Board Forward Work Plan and strategic agenda, and an update on the Learning Ecosystem.

Report from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International and Corporate) 

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor International and Corporate, Professor Sally Wheeler updated the Board on the activities of the Portfolio. Board was advised acceptances indicate the 2024 international student intake will be higher than projected. The Portfolio is prioritising building communities of students and the domestic recruitment team have attended every State to engage with students who have received an ANU offer. The aim of these engagements is to build a community of belonging among offer holders and their families. The upcoming 5 day October Agent Familiarisation Visit will focus on highlighting the best aspects of the ANU campus and Canberra.

Artificial Intelligence – ANU Institutional Principles 

Academic Board was presented with a proposal to establish a framework to guide and shape future policies and procedures to govern and guide the use of artificial intelligence (AI) within the University. Board was advised that the high-level framework will be utilised across education and research to provide parameters and allow the ANU to move forward in exploring and innovating in AI. In discussion it was noted that the AI space has exposed new and different risks and that that advances in artificial intelligence are moving at such a rapid rate the University must take steps to keep pace. The Board expressed thanks to the PVCED for undertaking this important work and members were encouraged to provide any further feedback directly to the PVCED noting that a formal proposal will be submitted to AB6/2023. 

Academic Board Self-Assessment 2023 

The Academic Board Charter mandates that the Board undertake a review of its performance every two years. The review is ordinarily undertaken via a self-assessment. Data and feedback from the 2021 Academic Board Self-Assessment informed the development of a set of recommendations aimed at improving the operation and efficiency of Academic Board and its sub-committees. Over the past two years there has been extensive progress on the 2021 recommendations. Members were advised that the 2023 Self-Assessment Survey will be made available shortly and encouraged to complete the survey. 

Confirmation of Candidature – Milestone Proposal 

The Dean HDR presented the Milestone Proposal to Academic Board. The proposal was developed from the first major review of ANU HDR candidature processes. The proposal draws on benchmarking from across Australian Universities and seeks to provide candidates with a clear indication on expectations. The process adds check in points with supervisors and experts throughout the process to ensure the candidate receives a high-level of support and guidance. The Board endorsed the proposal and the enhanced assessment processes noting that the process will safeguard against admitting and progressing students who are not suitable for HDR.

Other matters 

Academic Board also considered other significant matters, including: the Coursework Courses Grades Distribution Analysis Report Semester 1 2023; the recent restructure of the Learning and Teaching Committee Charter and the 2024 Committee priorities including establishing the design principles for the new Learning Management System (LMS), assessment renewal and supporting initiatives and implementation of employability initiatives, and the Learning Ecosystem.