21 August 2020 - ANU Cashflow Unaudited

21 Aug 2020

You can read a PDF version here.

ANU Cashflow

The cash flow graph provides you with an update on the forecasted cash balance that we will have at the end of the year taking into consideration the most up to date financial information. The expected closing cash balance is in line with where we had expected to land in my last financial update.

As of 31 July 2020 we have $397.7 million in the bank, and that money takes us up the chart by that amount of money. We have also drawn down $200 million from debt (medium term note), which takes the total cash available at 31 July to $597.7 million. We have in addition revenues that we are still expected to receive over the remainder of the year (August - December) which takes us further into positive territory including Government Revenues of $244.7 million, Students Revenues of $81.1 million (of which a portion of this is at risk until student numbers become firmed up post census date on 31 August) and Other Revenues of $51.4 million for Management fees, Trading revenue and Donations.

These cash inflows are being used to fund the University's cash outflows including salary costs, non-salary costs required to operate the University, Research and teaching activities and our Capital works program which have already been reduced. Each of these items moves us back down the diagram.

The net of these cashflow movements for the remainder of the year demonstrate that we continue to remain on track to achieve a closing cash position of $278.8 million by 31 December. As mentioned in my previous financial update, our closing cash balance includes insurance proceeds of $41 million of which only $13.8 million is included in cash outflows this year. This money is required for the remediation and strengthening works on buildings and the library replenishment program. Excluding the insurance proceeds, our closing cash position is expected at $237.8 million and Council have asked us to have $250 million in cash at the end of the year.