Casual employment terms & conditions

The casual employee will be paid by the hour for work, which will be registered via an on‑line fortnightly time sheet. The time sheets will be submitted by the Candidate to the Supervisor for approval. The Casual Employment Office will then process the time sheet for payment.

Timesheets must be submitted for processing prior to the cut-off date. For further information please see the fortnightly timesheet cut-off calendar.

Positions will be classified at the level which most accurately reflects the work performed by the staff member as required by the University, taking into account the skills and responsibilities required to perform that work. All professional(non-academic) positions in the University are classified against the Professional Staff Position Classification Descriptors.

A casual employee will generally be paid at the specified base level of the relevant ANU Officer grade, unless the Casual Employment Office is informed otherwise, and will be covered under ANU the Enterprise Agreement.  The Casual Employment Office will monitor the hours worked each fortnight for each casual employee.

The Australian National University casual employment is defined by Clause15. of ANU Enterprise Agreement.

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