The ANU Centre for Asian-Australian Leadership Fund

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Join ANU to ensure the immense value of cultural diversity is understood, recognised and realised. 

Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse societies in the world. Yet our leaders across business, politics and education do not reflect and harness this diversity. The proportion of Asian-Australian and other ethnically diverse people in leadership positions lags far behind their representation in the Australian population.

The ANU Centre for Asian-Australian Leadership is the first of its kind in Australia, dedicated to understanding and advocating for the benefits of cultural diversity. Its research, training and outreach will guide business, government and the community to properly reflect and enhance ethnic diversity across all levels of leadership.

While the benefits of ethnic diversity seem evident, we still do not fully understand the ethnic make-up of Australia and ethnic diversity's contribution to a prosperous Australian society. In order to achieve better outcomes for ethnically and culturally diverse Australians, we need to change how ethnic diversity is measured and understood and change society's perspective on its benefits.

With your support we can build better leaders for Australia and our region's future.

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