The 3Ai General Fund

Priority area: 
Led by Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, the 3A Institute is building a new branch of engineering focused on safe, sustainable and responsible technologies using artificial intelligence. This fund will support the top priorities of the Institute.

Who is building, managing and decommissioning our Ai-enabled future? 

This question is at the heart of our mission. The 3A Institute within the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is bringing diverse perspectives and expertise together to tackle big questions on the effective design, integration, management and regulation of artificial intelligence. 

In an AI-enabled world, our future depends on the questions we ask. How much agency do we give to technology? How to we design for an autonomous world? How do we preserve our safety and values? Your support can make sure we ask the right questions and build the future we want to see for humanity.

Crucial to finding answers that benefit the community we serve is having diverse perspectives and experiences within 3Ai. With your support, we can ensure equity of access for students to ensure diversity in the AI conversation. 


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