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Emerging technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence are changing the world around us. At 3AI, we are building a new branch of engineering to ensure the responsible use of AI. So we keep the humanity in technology.

At 3Ai we are currently running a campaign to raise funds for scholarships for women to participate in our 3Ai Masters program.

Women are still underrepresented in technology and engineering degrees and jobs, and the situation is getting worse, not better. It is absolutely critical that women have an equal voice in the technologies of the future.

At 3Ai we are guiding a new branch of engineering into existence and our Masters students are on that journey with us. That means that rather than just giving women access to learning via these scholarships, we are welcoming women to come and build the future with us. Your gift will help shape the future!

10 scholarships named for 10 amazing women

We are inspired by many incredible women across history, who have achieved extraordinary things for humanity. We are naming our scholarships after some of them. When you donate, please include in the comments which influential woman you would like to honour with your gift!

Copy and paste the text from below or just write your choice and why in the comments section on the gift page.

  1. Ada Lovelace: Only the most picturesque character in all of computer history, Ada was an enchantress of numbers and is known as the first computer programmer.
  2. Alexandra Forsythe: Alexandra wrote the first ever computer science textbook and promoted a more active role for women in the discipline.  
  3. Marie Curie: Marie was most famous for her theory of radioactivity. This research led to the development of the x-ray equipment which she drove herself to the frontline during WWI. Imagine the countless lives she has saved.
  4. Florence Violet McKenzie: Florence was Australia's first woman electrical engineer, an entrepreneur, founder of a publishing empire, and author of a best-selling cookbook. She trained thousands of young Australians on Morse Code during WWII and is the 'mother' of the women's royal Australian Naval Service.
  5. Grace Hopper: To this day, technologists gather in honour of Grace. Not only was Grace responsible for the development of the Cobol language but for championing change, to make computers and computing more accessible.
  6. Hedy Lamarr: Hedy has both a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Hedy helped develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedos in WWII using technology similar to that used in Bluetooth and legacy Wi-Fi.
  7. Lillian Gilbreth: Lillian was known for having it all, a stellar career and a family of twelve children (two of whom went to co-author the book Cheaper by the Dozen)! Lillian was a major player in the field of industrial management, a psychologist and received the Hoover Medal for distinguished public service by an engineer.  
  8. Lin Lanying: Lanying was a pioneer in China's semiconductor endeavours and became known as the mother of aerospace materials and the mother of semiconductor materials.
  9. Loie Fuller: With her "serpentine dance" - a show of swirling silk and rainbow lights - Loie was a pioneer of modern dance and her scientific experiments in lighting and choreography has had a lasting influence on art and theatre to this day.
  10. Margaret Mead: Margaret endures as one of the world's best known and most influential anthropologists. Her pioneering research put the discipline on the map. 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'

Now as we look to the future, we are on the brink of a new world. And we need representatives from all of humanity there from the start, building the world we want to see. We are also running other initiatives to support people representing other aspects of diversity to engage with the program and build the future.

Thank you for supporting the 3A Institute, and giving our future students the chance to change the world.

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