John Buckingham Research Prize

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Dr John Buckingham, a well-respected Canberra surgeon, was known across the country for his work in breast cancer surgery and diagnosis.

John Buckingham

In 2011, his friends and family, in association with Calvary Hospital and ANU, established the John Buckingham Research Project Prize to honour him. 

There are two prizes awarded. The first is awarded to an individual student and is named the John Buckingham Project Prize.

The second is awarded to the most outstanding project in each of the disciplines covered by the Research Project Course:

  1. Laboratory Science
  2. Humanities
  3. Prospective Clinical Audit
  4. Retrospective Clinical Audit
  5. Questionnaire or Survey
  6. Systematic Review

For both of these awards, the recipients need to be enrolled in Year Two of the Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (MChD).

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