Humanitarian Health Research Initiative Fund

Priority area: Transforming our world

Help people in greatest need by supporting the development of practice-driven, evidence-based solutions to the world's most complex humanitarian crises.

Humanitarian crises are devastating events that threaten a community's health or safety. These emergencies disproportionately disadvantage women and children.

The ANU Humanitarian Health Research Initiative (HHRI) exists to help those in greatest need; working on the ground to empower communities to control disease outbreaks, reduce maternal mortality and combat family and gender-based violence.

The team is led by Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge, a former doctor and medical epidemiologist for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the World Health Organisation and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Kamalini is one of the world's leading pandemic experts, with three decades of field-experience, including Ebola and SARs. She is instrumental to Australia's fight against COVID, informing State and Federal policies and strengthening trust and engagement with disadvantaged groups.

The HHRI team have extensive international experience in countries such as Afghanistan, Darfur, Uganda, Nigeria, Myanmar, South Sudan, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Australia and Indonesia.

The HHRI team understand that those who live the experience-mothers, children, health workers and teachers -are best placed to identify gaps and deliver solutions. Too often, their voices are ignored when aid is delivered, research undertaken, and policies created.

Their work is made possible by visionary donors who believe in the power of practical, evidence-based interventions to save lives and transform our world. Donations typically support in-country expenses and staffing.

Help the HHRl help those most in need.

The greatest expertise you can bring to solving a problem is the experience of living that problem.

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge

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