Eun Ju Kim-Baker Emergency Bursary

Priority area: Transforming our world

This bursary honours Eun Ju's deep care for people by offering support to students in difficult times.

Eun Ju Kim-Baker (them / they) was a student at ANU who cared deeply about many social issues. They believed that people deserve freedom from prejudice of all kinds. Society should be free from racism, ageism, religious prejudice and sexism; people with a disability have valuable lives; refugees should be treated humanely; and we all have a responsibility for the planet and its people.

Eun Ju Kim-Baker close-up portrait

Eun Ju demonstrated their care as an active member of the ANU community, working with organisations that advocate for social justice. Eun Ju's involvement included work with the AIDS Action Council ACT, organising the 2017 Women's March, and being Director of Women with Disabilities ACT.

The bursary was established to honour the beliefs that Eun Ju held and advocated for during their life. Through this bursary, their care for people and their impact on the ANU Community will continue.

Eun Ju's family and friends hope the Eun Ju Kim-Baker Emergency Bursary will help make the recipient's life just a little easier at a difficult time.

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