Coral Reef Environment and Management Fund

Priority area: 
The Coral Reef Environment and Management Fund supports research into the natural environment, biodiversity and ecosystem function of Coral Reefs.

The Coral Reef Environment and Management Fund will focus on how past, present and future environmental disturbances (natural and human induced) influence ecological resilience and ecosystem development.  Findings from this coral reef research will inform decision makers so that they can design better policies to safeguard our reefs for the future.

The research will focus on:

  1. developing new, urgently needed, methods to assess plastic pollution impacts on coral reefs;
  2. catchment to reef interactions: sediment erosion and nutrient runoff, declining water quality and subsequent impacts on nearshore coral reefs;
  3. how mining activities in coastal areas influence coral reef development; and
  4. coral bleaching from temperature stress and subsequent reef development.

Researcher Dr Jennie Mallela

Dr Jennie Mallela is a multidisciplinary researcher whose research team focuses on understanding and responding to real world coral reef problems.

Jennie is located across the ANU Research School of Biology and Research School of Earth Sciences and actively engages with colleagues from other disciplines.

Jennie has been selected as a 2019/2020 Superstar of STEM. Superstars of STEM is an initiative from Science & Technology Australia which aims to increase the visibility of women in STEM and to challenge society's gender assumptions about science.

Jennie is passionate about science knowledge transfer and incorporates students into her research at every level. Jennie also teaches students coral reef research skills out on the reef. Watch this video clip of ANU students to hear firsthand about their amazing Great Barrier Reef experience.

With your support, Dr Jennie Mallela will conduct critical research into water quality, pollution and the health of the Coral Reef ecosystems in Australia.

We are passionate about our world.  To discuss your gift or future gifts to support Coral Reef Environment and Management, please contact Kellie Takenaka on 02 6125 9918 or email

I have really enjoyed learning so much. I have appreciated you taking the time to teach me so much about coral and your work even though it was totally outside my field of knowledge.


Belinda, 3rd year biomedical student, ANU

The main thing I noticed was attention to detail. It was useful to know more about coral reefs and the sort of studies and methods that can be used to help us to learn about these ecosystems.


ANU exchange student from Brazil

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