Bruce Chappell Endowment

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For over forty years Professors Bruce Chappell and Allan White made significant scientific contributions in understanding the compositional variations and origins of granitic rocks.

Professor Allan White was a member of the Geology Department at ANU from 1960 to 1971.He was an undergraduate student of the famous Australian geologist and Antarctic explorer, Professor Sir Douglas Mawson. White left ANU to establish the Department of Geology at Latrobe University.

Professor Bruce Chappell's career at ANU spanned more than 30 years, from 1960 to 1997. In 1967 he graduated with an ANU PhD and was awarded an ANU DSc in 1990. His sustained research contributions were recognised with many international awards including election to Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science.

Beyond their significant scientific contributions, both Chappell and White gave their time and expertise, mentoring young students which in turn forged careers and lifelong friendships.

Donations support the Bruce Chappell & Allan White Scholarship, the advancement of petrology and the training of future generations of researchers.

Professor Margaret Harding, Mari Scicchitano, Professor Ian Jackson, Helen Cocker and Mrs Connie Treloar
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