ANU Student Urgent Relief Fund

Priority area: Transforming our world
In a time when the future seems uncertain, your support will give students stability and security to keep learning and remain connected to the ANU community.

Give stability to students 

ANU students have immense potential; however, unexpected hardship can be disruptive to their studies and lead to uncertainty and concern about their future.

The ANU Student Urgent Relief Fund will provide security and stability to students facing unexpected hardship by ensuring they are well equipped to achieve success.

We can provide continuity to study at this time by giving financial support that takes the stress and burden off students so they can keep studying in a safe and constructive environment.

Your support will make an immediate difference 

This fund has been established to provide immediate assistance to ANU students facing urgent need and unexpected hardship, especially now due to the impact of COVID-19. You can help students most affected, in particular international students, those from rural and remote areas and students who are also carers. They will have access to funding for a variety of expenses, including but not limited to, housing, groceries, devices, internet/remote access, and urgent travel needs.

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