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Priority area: Transforming our world

Support our gifted emerging musicians and make an immediate impact on their lives by contributing to the ANU School of Music General Support Fund.

The ANU School of Music General Support Fund has helped students in a variety of ways including: scholarships and prizes to advance talented Australian and International students to study at the School of Music; the Instrument Acquisition Program to acquire new instruments for young musicians to assist them in reaching their full potential; and local performances and national tours of student ensembles providing opportunities for students to perform challenging repertoire on a professional basis.

This scholarship genuinely changed my life. It opened up so many opportunities.

Katie Hayward, Violinist

The vision of the ANU School of Music is to become a world-class music school that fosters excellence in musical practice and research. A music school that innovates and redefines music in the twenty first century, one that advocates for a fairer and more inclusive world through music. A music school that shows that the creative arts have a vital role to play in the humanities and the university environment. A place of innovation, diversity and excellence.

Having my own violin gives me my own individual voice, when words fail me my violin gives me a voice to be able to express myself in a way I just couldn't do with words.

Katie Hayward, Violinist

The School of Music General Support Fund supports the ANU School of Music's goals to foster artistic and academic excellence and help students reach their potential.

My favourite thing about playing the violin is making music with other people.

Katie Hayward, Violinist

Your valuable support will help the School continue to be a vibrant centre for musical performance and technology, attracting promising students and leading artists, and achieving excellence. Join us in imagining and creating new possibilities in music and scholarship.

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