School of Music Endowment for Performance Excellence

Priority area: Leading in our region

Musical Excellence takes many forms, the most immediate and powerful way we experience music is, however, through live performance. Central to sustaining a musical culture of depth and ambition is, therefore, the nurturing of exceptional performance talent in Australian youth - people who can embody and inspire musical creativity, innovation and skill of the highest value.

The ANU School of Music has had a long and distinguished record of performance teaching. It is now generally accepted that changes in higher education funding models, however, have made it increasingly difficult to attract and secure the quality of staff and quantity of teaching required to ensure institutions like the School of Music can continue to teach music performance at the highest level. The new curriculum at the ANU School of Music has a reconfirmed commitment to performance excellence. 

It is widely acknowledged that high quality music education should be a national priority; the School of Music situated in the heart of the nation's capital is ideally positioned to play a leading role in leading the realisation of that aspiration.

The Endowment will help ANU attract world-class instrumental teachers as Distinguished Artists In Residence, with the ultimate aim of providing long-term benefits to the nation as a whole.

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