School of Computing General Fund

Priority area: Leading in our region
The School of Computing (SOCO) Fund provides general support for the students and staff of the School.

Computing is the engine for today's digital and connected society, changing the way we live and work, across such diverse activities as social interaction, commerce, entertainment, transportation, energy, education, medicine, science, and government. The School of Computing (SOCO) equips our students to become the innovators and creative problem solvers who advance our digital and connected world.

We conduct fundamental research to develop new ways of computing, and interdisciplinary research combining computing with a diverse range of disciplines, such as the arts, psychology, medicine, science, engineering, mathematics, music, cybersecurity, psychology, energy distribution, social network analysis, digital humanities, to yield widely impactful computing applications.

Your impact

Your gifts to SOCO help us address the most pressing priorities of the School, building a community of people with the strength and courage to be intellectual and cultural leaders. Your financial support promotes our commitment as a leading centre for research and education in Australia, allowing us to continue to solve the pressing problems of our increasingly digital and connected society.

Gifts over $100 and under $25,000 will be matched until the matching pool of funds is depleted.

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