Classics Endowment

Priority area: Leading in our region
The Classics Endowment Fund supports teaching, research, and outreach at the Centre for Classical Studies at ANU.

The Centre for Classical Studies offers majors in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Ancient History. At the Centre, students become accomplished readers and interpreters of ancient languages - something the Centre is particularly proud of - and experts in the literature, history, society, philosophy, art, and archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Students at the Centre investigate how Greek and Roman cultures continue to impact the contemporary world. They receive mentorship from internationally renowned teaching staff across the different fields of Classical Studies. Studying at ANU also means they obtain access to outstanding library resources in the Classics Centre, and hands-on training in the material culture through the Classics Museum of ANU.

Giving to the Classics Endowment Fund supports the Centre in:

  • funding of new academic positions
  • expanding the Centre's curriculum and research expertise towards exciting new directions.
  • bringing distinguished international scholars to Canberra to give lectures and seminars
  • offering a range of prizes and scholarships that ensure the best and brightest students are able to continue their studies in this field, no matter their financial situation or personal circumstances
  • continuing the Centre's outreach program with other schools and community groups, through tours, workshops and seminars.

The study of the languages and cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome is a journey through the human experience. Your generosity ensures that the poetry of Homer and Sappho, the rhetoric of Cicero, and the lives of ordinary Greeks and Romans will be continued to be taught and studied at ANU for generations to come.

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