Capital Kidney Research Fund

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Capital Kidney Research Fund supports research to improve our understanding of the entwined role of genetics and the immune system in kidney disease. Through the research we aim to develop more effective and personalised treatment options for people with autoimmune kidney disease.

One in every ten Australians have indicators of kidney disease, yet much is still unknown about the causes of the disease.

Autoimmune inflammation of the kidney (glomerulonephritis) is one of the most common causes of kidney disease. Inflammation occurs when the immune system starts to attack the kidneys instead of protecting the body from infection. The resulting damage reduces the kidneys' ability to filter waste from the blood resulting in kidney disease. The immune system attack can be caused by infections, other illnesses, or changes in the immune system.

Researchers at The Australian National University and the Canberra Hospital are working to better understand the role of an individual's genome and immune system to autoimmune kidney disease. Their approach combines fundamental science with strong clinical interactions, working simultaneously at the cutting-edge of biomedical research while implementing knowledge into medical practice to improve patient outcomes.

Your gift will support new and ongoing research unlocking new knowledge on the causes of kidney disease resulting in more effective and personalised treatment.

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