Bhati Family Endowment

Priority area: Leading in our region
The Bhati Family Endowment aims to help create a better understanding and knowledge of Australia in India and of India in Australia.

The Bhati Family Travel Grant, funded through the Bhati Family Endowment, supports students from any discipline to travel to India for their research.

The award provides funds for related travel and accommodation expenses, encouraging students to build mutually beneficial relationships between Australia and India.

The endowment and travel grant was established in 2010 by U.N Bhati and his family as a way of giving back to India and Australia and to build the profile of the Australian National University in both countries.


Elvin Xing Yifu - PhD, Anthropology and Bhati Family Travel Grant Recipient

Hear from Bhati Family Travel Grant Recipient Elvin Xing Yifu as he describes his research and experience in India with the support of the Bhati Family Travel Grant.

The Bhati Family: A philanthropic legacy

From a small historic city in Rajasthan to the vibrant cobbled streets of Cartagena, the Bhati family's philanthropic legacy has spanned generations and traversed the globe…

I received the Bhati Travel Grant in year 2017 and used it for my trip to India for my fieldwork. First, I would like to thank the Bhati Grant Endowment Fund for promoting and supporting research scholars to undertake Indian Studies. The grant helped me meet my airfares and other local travel expenses and was a great aid financially. I completed my fieldwork and while at the field I was also able to successfully rework on one of my research papers and got it published.
Athira Chandrasekhara Rao, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
This experience has inspired me with the confidence to further pursue my academic and professional aspirations in the areas of women’s empowerment and human trafficking in India. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that this scholarship has afforded me.
Tatum Street – Master of Asian and Pacific Studies
The Bhati Family Travel Grant has been instrumental in assisting in my smooth transition from Australia to India for my fieldwork, visits to various historical sites in India for my fieldwork, visits to various historical sites in India for data collection and facilitated travel for conferences in Hyderabad and to ANU for the annual conference of the Australian Anthropological Society this year.
Elvin Xing Yifu- PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Being a recipient of the Bhati Family Grant opened doors for me and led to further professional academic opportunities. Having developed strong connections with India through my internship, I’ve been able to develop a better understanding of the importance of creating understanding between Australia and India. I wanted to pursue this idea further and contribute more to the Australia-India relationship.
Medha Majumdar – Honours, Political Science
The Bhati Family Travel Grant has not only enabled me to meet my educational goals but also given me the opportunity to get a unique first-hand experience of visiting those archives I had previously been unaware of. In many of these centres I found a growing interest in the literary interactions between India’s widespread diasporas and their host nations like Australia and Canada.
Ashma Sharma- PhD candidate, College of Arts and Social Sciences
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