Primate Conservation Endowment

The Primate Conservation Endowment supports students studying Biological Anthropology with a primatology focus. The fund supports students facing financial difficulties to present papers at international conferences and symposiums. Support is also provided for field work, travel to conferences and other related needs.

The Primate Conservation Endowment was established by the late Professor Colin Groves, one of the world's leading biological anthropologists and taxonomists who identified more than 50 species of animals during his career.

Fondly remembered as "a giant in his field", and a great teacher and mentor, Professor Groves spent more than 40 years at ANU. After receiving an award from Conservation International for his work in primate conservation, he donated the honorarium, generously matched with a personal gift, to establish the endowment.

Professor Groves wanted to ensure that financial difficulties didn't prevent students from presenting on the international stage or participating in field work. He was well aware of the personal and professional value of such experiences to students.

It was his wish that others would also donate to the endowment in recognition of the importance of Biological Anthropology and the potential of talented students to make a difference in this field.

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