Bhati Family Endowment

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The Bhati Family Endowment aims to help create a better understanding and knowledge of Australia in India and of India in Australia.

Since 2010, U.N. and his family have been generous supporters of ANU students through the Bhati Family India Travel Grant, which supports ANU students from any discipline who need to undertake research in India.

From a small historic city in Rajasthan to the vibrant cobbled streets of Cartagena, the Bhati family's philanthropic legacy has spanned generations and traversed the globe.

U.N. Bhati, 81, is the patriarch of a Canberra based family with strong links to ANU. Born in Rajasthan, he first arrived at ANU in 1967 as a PhD student in Economics. Back then, he could hardly have imagined that his daughter, Rina Bhati, and two of his grandchildren would also end up graduating from ANU.

Donations foster regional interconnectedness and encourage talented students to build mutually beneficial relationships between Australia and India.

U.N Bhati and his family

Our motivation was based on our immense indebtedness to both India and Australia as both countries have given us a lot. In recognition of it we wanted to give something back.

U.N. Bhati
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