Code of practice for philanthropy

ANU has adopted a Code of Practice for Philanthropy adapted from Universities Australia, 2000 which details the rights and obligations between donors and the University. Key aspects of this relationship include:

How gifts will be used

The University will ensure that all gifts are consistent with the letter and spirit of the law and are used in accordance with our donor's wishes. As the University's academic objectives may change in the future, the University will consult wherever possible with benefactors about the way their gift may be used. When donors do not designate a specific objective for their gift these funds will be used to support the University's key academic priorities.

Limits on the kinds of gifts ANU receives

The University reserves the right to decline gifts where acceptance would compromise our fundamental principles, including that of academic freedom.

Recognition of gifts

All donors will receive an official tax receipt from The Australian National University as well as appropriate acknowledgment and recognition for their generosity.

Protection of privacy

The University will respect the privacy of all donors. Donor information will be used by the University to maintain contact with donors and to keep donors up-to-date with information about the University, its services, events and achievements. It may be passed to groups affiliated with the University, such as alumni organisations. Donor's names may be published in some publications as an acknowledgment of their generosity.

Giving anonymously

The University will provide anonymity for donors who request it and can tailor the level of contact that donors receive to reflect each donor's wishes.

Legal and financial advice

Yes, the University will always advise donors to seek their own independent legal and financial advice to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Contact & information from ANU

Representatives of the University will at all times identify themselves as such when they contact current or potential donors.

Once a donation is made the University will provide donors with regular reports about the way their gifts have contributed to our success. It will also make available  the University's most recently published financial statements, usually in the form of Annual Reports.

When a donor has supported a particular academic position or provided financial assistance to students, the University will undertake wherever possible to keep them informed about the award or appointment, but they do not have the right to influence the outcome.


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