Support for medical research a fitting tribute

12 May 2023

The John Buckingham Research Project Prize and the John Buckingham Research Project Awards pay tribute to one of Canberra's most beloved and respected surgeons, the late Dr John Buckingham.

Each year, six Awards are granted to the most outstanding Medical School Research Project at The Australian National University (ANU), while the Prize is awarded to the individual student who received the highest marks in their Medical School Research Project.

"Every year, I'm impressed with not just the variety in our medical students' research projects, but also their potential for impact in health policy and practice," says Associate Professor Brett Scholz, Chair of the Research Project Unit.

"Being able to recognise excellence through the John Buckingham Prize is a great opportunity to demonstrate to our students, staff, and community this valuable variety and impact within our students' research projects."

Kelsey Walsh won one of the 2022 Awards in the category of Laboratory Science, and the 2022 Prize for her research project "Elevated Wnt in heterotaxy".

The impact of both the Prize and Awards is immense. They encourage postgraduate medical students to pursue research excellence, promote collaboration within the University and beyond, and inspire research that contributes to medical knowledge and improved patient care.

Established by Dr Buckingham's wife, Sue Buckingham, and a group of his friends and colleagues from both ANU and Calvary Hospital - with especially generous support from the Buckinghams' family friend, Steve Atkins - funding has built up over time and both the Prize and Awards are now endowed. They have become a significant part of the University's philanthropic landscape and will continue to play an essential role in encouraging medical students to pursue excellence in research.

It's wonderful to have a student prize named after me. I'm sure they'll wonder 'John Buckingham, who's he?' in the future. But at least they'll have that research project, [and] there'll be a prize there.


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