Studying law to make an impact on society

23 August 2021

As a teenager, Max Farinazzo witnessed first-hand how lawyers can assist with family challenges. He soon realised studying a law degree can help make an impact across a broad range of areas.  

"I chose to study a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) to be able to help people," says Max. "I want to be able to use my degree to make an impact and help others in whatever way I can." 

Max is the 2021 recipient of the Freilich Indigenous Student Scholarship in Law, a program that assists people in the Indigenous community to study law at ANU and further their career aspirations. 

As a proud Australian and Kamilaroi man, I feel honoured to have been awarded the Freilich Indigenous Law Scholarship. It has always been my dream to study at ANU and I feel so excited and privileged to be studying here. 

Torts is Max's favourite course in his degree. He particularly enjoys learning how his course is applicable to situations in everyday life and in regulating the protection of personal interests in society.  

Max likes to immerse himself in his studies and hopes to identify the areas that interest him the most.

"I'm really enjoying all the courses that I'm studying. I love the way a law degree teaches you to think more broadly about society and provides you with so many options." 

He also likes exploring other interesting subjects and has recently started studying Italian.   

Max finds ANU to be a very welcoming environment and advises new students to immerse themselves in the ANU and Canberra communities.   

"If something catches your interest, don't be afraid to get involved. Really take advantage of all of the opportunities and the unique lifestyle that ANU has to offer." 

Max feels grateful for having received the Freilich Indigenous Student Scholarship, as it has supported him with an opportunity to pursue his career aspirations. 

"The scholarship has helped relieve the financial burdens of starting my first year at ANU and the stress surrounding it. I want to say thank you to the donors for your support. You are encouraging Indigenous students like me to pursue their dreams." 

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