Springbank Circle Long Lunch celebrates lasting impact

14 Nov 2023

We all aspire to leave a positive and lasting impact on the world. At The Australian National University (ANU), a special group of donors are ensuring their legacy by leaving a gift to the University through their will.

On 7 October, the University celebrated its bequest donors at the ANU Springbank Circle Long Lunch - a unique annual occasion where these donors, alongside the University's top leadership, engage in meaningful discussions about their philanthropy while partaking in a traditional long lunch.

As the ANU community expressed its gratitude, the lunch gave bequest donors a glimpse of a future where their generosity is creating transformative learning experiences for students and advancing cutting-edge research.

Guests were joined by the Hon Julie Bishop, ANU Chancellor, and Professor Brian Schmidt, ANU Vice-Chancellor, who each spoke about the powerful ways donors are making a difference at the University.

"By pledging a gift to ANU in your will, you are leaving an enduring legacy that will do more than just change a life. It will help to shape the future," said Professor Schmidt.

The lunch also provided an opportunity for guests to engage with distinguished speakers and gain insights into the diversity of research and programs at ANU.

Among this year's highlights were presentations from three exceptional PhD students-Terri Warner, Nick Bariesheff and Saishyam Ramesh-who, beyond their normal academic pursuits, were finalists in the renowned Three Minute Thesis competition.

These scholars captivated everyone in attendance with their ability to explain their research through accessible and engaging narratives, a stark contrast to the typical 80,000-word thesis.

The quality of research and exceptional communication skills of Terri, Nick and Saishyam struck a chord with donors. The room buzzed with conversations sparked by the students' remarkable insights and the world-changing possibilities that their discoveries could unfold.

To view photos from the 2023 ANU Springbank Circle Long Lunch, go to our social media album.

If you are considering your plans and would like to arrange a confidential discussion about leaving a gift in your will, please reach out to the Gift & Estate Planning team to talk about your wishes and intentions at bequests@anu.edu.au.


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