Revolutionising Engineering: The Bill Hickson Scholarship

12 May 2023

The Bill Hickson and Engineers Australia Scholarship for the Master of Applied Cybernetics is more than a scholarship, it is a transformative opportunity that has the potential to shape the future of engineering in Australia.

The scholarship is named in honour of William 'Bill' Hickson, who left a generous bequest to Engineers Australia, which established the scholarship at The Australian National University (ANU) in his name. By creating the scholarship, Engineers Australia is ensuring that the next generation is equipped to tackle future social and technological challenges, and that Bill's passion for engineering lives on.

Each year, two ANU students will be supported by the scholarship to develop their skills and knowledge in Applied Cybernetics. These are the very skills that will revolutionise the engineering industry in Australia and around the world.

The impact of this scholarship program will be felt for years to come. By supporting education, Engineers Australia is investing in the future of engineering, and ensuring that Australia remains at the forefront of technological innovation and progress.

The Bill Hickson and Engineers Australia Scholarship for Master of Applied Cybernetics will be awarded for the first time in 2023.

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