Phone Appeal - Speaking with alumni means a lot to Rohan

10 Apr 2020

Speaking to alumni and donors means a lot to Rohan.

The 2019 ANU Calling Program was focused on building relationships with our valued alumni and raising support for ANU scholarships.

Rohan, an ANU Student Caller, has enjoyed having meaningful conversations with alumni. He is currently in his fourth year of studying a Bachelor of International Security and Criminology double degree.

"When I heard the ANU Calling Program was spreading the word about scholarships, I was really interested in being a part of it. Scholarships give an incredible opportunity to study at a world-class university like ANU. A lot of people I know are on scholarships and they're redefining what societies are doing and what experiences other people are having.

"I also enjoy talking to alumni about their experiences at ANU. When they share fun stories, I hear them light up at the end of the phone. More often than not, their stories and time here at ANU have fed into what they're doing now.

"Our alumni are out there living in the world, making a difference and succeeding after graduating from ANU. Any help they give is incredible and means a lot to us."

Rohan truly believes students get more than a degree at ANU.

"There are so many clubs and societies, and extra-curricular opportunities here that many students participate in. I can speak from the theatre side of it, because that's where I really got involved. I know people who never touched sport before they came here and now they're playing at uni games every year. There's a lot more than a degree at ANU when people take the time to experience all that is on offer here."

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