Fellowship brings masters of glass to ANU

26 Jun 2024

For Australian and international glass artists alike, the Christine and Stephen Procter Fellowship provides an incredible opportunity for recipients to work with and study glass abroad. Established in 2001, the Fellowship honours Stephen Procter, Head of the Glass Workshop at The Australian National University (ANU) from 1993 until 2000, and his partner, Christine Procter Nicholson, a founding donor of the Fellowship.

Thanks to donor contributions, 20 fellowships have been awarded to date, alternating each year between international and Australia-based artists. In 2023, Alexander Rosenberg was able to travel to Australia for the first time, for a residency based in the ANU Glass Workshop at SoAD and the ANU Environment Studio. Rosenberg is well-known from his television appearance as a finalist in the Netflix reality series Blown Away.

During his residency at ANU, Alexander shared his expertise on glass as a technological tool, and its historic role in sustaining human life. He also worked towards creating new applications for the material to address the world’s uncertain ecological future.

Travel and the experience of other cultures were very important to Stephen Procter. He would be gladdened to know that his and Christine’s fellowship continues as a significant and exciting link between glass communities around the world, bringing artists like Alexander to Stephen’s beloved university in Canberra and enabling Australian artists to share their talents abroad.

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