Explaining The ANU Fund

Our students widely report that one of the best things about studying at ANU is the on-campus experience. Our strong focus on residential living has helped build a vibrant and diverse community, where you can find like-minded peers and make lifelong friends.  There are many other ways that students can become involved with the ANU community – from clubs and societies, to sporting activities, to campus events and public lectures. 

In 2014, the University launched The ANU Fund. Established to raise financial support for students and staff, teaching and learning, research, and campus life – the fund and the ANU Annual Giving Program provides another unique way students can engage with ANU. The Annual Giving Program runs a yearly phone appeal that recruits student as callers; offers volunteering opportunities for students to act as ambassadors, attend events, and participate in a regular thank-a-thon for donors; and oversees a student philanthropy initiative. 

To learn more about ways you as a student can become involved with the Annual Giving Program please contact annual.giving@anu.edu.au

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