Eleanor enjoys hearing stories from alumni

8 May 2019

The best part about calling for me is hearing stories from alumni. Learning about alumni experiences during their time at ANU and what they've done since is fascinating and fun

Eleanor Armstrong has been a part of the ANU calling program for three years.

"I’m lucky enough to be a recipient of the National University Scholarship, which has given me the freedom to enjoy my studies and University life and get more than a degree. And it’s a good thing too that I’m enjoying ANU as I plan to do more study after my Bachelors and be here for a long time!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about being at ANU has been working as an ANU caller. It’s a great opportunity for students like me to give back to a community that has given us so much."

This year’s ANU callers are looking forward to talking to alumni and seeing firsthand the impact that our community can make.

ANU 2018 Phone Appeal Calling Starting Soon

The best part about calling for students is hearing stories from alumni – learning about their ANU experience and what they’ve done since.

Stories are so important and our ANU callers are grateful for every conversation they have with alumni.

The Phone Appeal begins on 13 May, with 30 students like Eleanor calling alumni to catch up on news from campus and raise money for The ANU Fund. The ANU Fund supports students and helps to provide opportunities for talented students across Australia.

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