Coming together to change the future

12 May 2023

The power of The Australian National University (ANU) to help change our world for the better lies in the shared passion and commitment of the University's philanthropic community. Through our annual appeals, donors, volunteers, alumni, students and staff come together to commit to funding our students and research.

In the past year, 926 of you answered the University's call to support essential fundraising initiatives for research and students. Together, you contributed a total of $319,712 through our appeals.

The Kambri Scholars Program received the most gifts through the mid-year appeal and ANU Giving Day. This support provides a strong boost to the Program, which remains a priority for ANU in support of First Nations students. Read the full update here.

Each contribution to ANU builds on another and the impact of every gift is meaningful. We acknowledge with thanks, the loyalty shown by all ANU donors - your generosity and year-on-year support is noticed, and it is valued.

ANU alumnus Grant Wilson gave the largest gift to an ANU appeal for the second year in a row with a donation to the Kambri Scholars Program.

$319,712 given through 2022 appeals

2,251 calls to alumni and past donors through 2022

This story is featured in the 2022 Report to Donors

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