Bridging the gap through scholarships

7 May 2019

Second year law and international relations student Isabel Gahan says that being a scholarship recipient has made her realise how important it is to support educational opportunities.

"The more we can do to give more students opportunity the better. For the sake of equity, I think it's important to bridge that gap and make higher education more accessible to everyone."

Originally from Young in New South Wales, Isabel says that she was drawn to ANU because of its reputation.

"I thought that if you're going to study politics and international relations, you go to Canberra! I also liked the vibe of ANU; it seemed to be very egalitarian and diverse."

Receiving the ANU Region Scholarship has meant that Isabel has been able to focus on her studies as well as extracurricular activities rather than work.

"It's made my university experience twice as enjoyable as what it would've been if I hadn't been given that opportunity. I'd probably be required to work a lot more than what I do at the moment, which would result in a domino effect of stress, pressure and financial strain."

Isabel says that, for regional students in particular, scholarships are essential to furthering equity in higher education.

"I believe that enriching the community by having regional students at ANU is a vital component of actually increasing community cohesion and making it more welcoming. There are so many people who are from regional communities and have the same talents as people who come from more privileged backgrounds who aren't given the same opportunities because of where they come from."

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