Baidam Solutions and Dvuln support Kambri Scholars

16 Jun 2021

In 2021, ICT companies Baidam Solutions and Dvuln came together to support the Kambri Scholars Program. Their generosity will help Indigenous students study at ANU and go on to fulfilling careers and lives.

Phillip Jenkinson, CEO of Baidam Solutions, an Indigenous owned ICT consultancy, is passionate about improving Indigenous representation in the tech sector.

"There are many barriers that Indigenous students have to overcome to enter the tech industry, and the main is the socio-economic barrier to receiving a university education," says Phillip. "By supporting the Kambri Scholars Program, we hope to provide continued opportunity and help create new career pathways for First Nations peoples."

Baidam is the first Indigenous owned Supply Nation certified IT consultancy from Queensland.

"When we started three years ago, I was very proud of what we created," says Phillip. "But isn't it a shame that in 2018, we were the only such Indigenous owned company?"

I have been in IT security for 15 years. And as quickly as I could rattle off names of Indigenous sports stars with relative ease, I couldn't think of or name an Indigenous IT security manager or chief information security officer. I just felt something needed to change.

"We need to create more opportunities for Indigenous talent beyond traditional careers like sport. And a university degree helps create these new career opportunities."

For Jamieson O'Reilly, Founder of IT security firm Dvuln, supporting Indigenous students is closely linked to his personal experience.

"I grew up in a poor, Indigenous housing commission estate in far north New South Wales," says Jamieson. "I have seen first-hand the socio-economic disadvantages faced by Indigenous kids. So for me, it was the opportunity to help others from a similar background."

Phillip believes that companies can make a big impact by delivering on social outcomes along with business outcomes.

"Our vision is to become Australia's leading Indigenous IT security solutions provider by 2025. And we want to realise that vision while creating opportunity in the wider Indigenous community.

"Every organisation, no matter the size of their business or age, can support impactful programs like Kambri Scholars. It simply is the right thing to do."

By supporting Indigenous students, businesses can help create First Nations role models in communities.

"When children in Indigenous communities see more people around them getting scholarships and becoming successful, then they too will aspire to study at university," says Jamieson. "Through our support, we open a window of possibility for them."

"We hope to see more Indigenous cyber warriors entering our sector," says Phillip. "And to help create those opportunities, we are very proud to support the next generation of Indigenous scholars."

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