2019 Giving by numbers

10 April 2020

In 2019, more than $8.4 million was given to support students, who may not otherwise have been able to study at ANU.  Your generosity is also ensuring that research can have a much greater impact on the world around us.


Adam Delaney, 2019 awardee
Adam Delaney, 2019 awardee


Total number of donors in 2019

Simon Fenwick’s gift will allow NCIS researchers to focus on their work and improve outcomes for Indigenous people.



Rohan, ANU Student Caller
Rohan, ANU Student Caller


Number of alumni donors who gave in 2019

“Any help our alumni give is incredible and means a lot to us,”

Rohan, ANU student caller




Largest gift raised

UniLodge pledged $3 million to support students to get a university education. 



Soumi Gopalakrishnan
Soumi Gopalakrishnan


Funds raised for student support

“If it wasn't for the scholarship, I wouldn't be here on my way to reach my dream.”

Soumi, ANU Humanitarian Scholarship recipient



Brontë Charles
Brontë Charles


Number of International donors

US-based alumna, Frances Cassidy, funded the first LGBTQI+ scholarship at ANU.

“I feel as though I am getting a full university experience living on campus, which I would have missed out on if I had remained in Tasmania.”

Brontë Charles, inaugural Frances Cassidy Scholarship recipient



Professor Carola Vinuesa
Professor Carola Vinuesa


New funds raised for the University (including pledges, gifts in kind and excluding philanthropic grants)

This helps projects like research on the rare autoimmune disease, dermatomyositis.



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