2018 ANU Law Prizes Ceremony: Georgie Juszczyk

20 May 2019

The Phillipa Weeks Scholarship has been instrumental in my success at university

Georgie Juszczyk, Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Security Studies student, is the recipient of the Dean's Certificate for International Trade Law and the Phillipa Weeks Scholarship.

"I have always had an interest in International Trade Law and the course did not disappoint. It was challenging, highly enjoyable and gave me a good understanding of current issues."

"I am just glad to know that my hours of slaving over readings and practice exams actually paid off! Some who scoff at my love for international law say it's impractical because the world is ruled by realpolitik, that I'll be unemployed and be better off in a black-letter law firm."

"These concerns crumble when speaking of international trade law, traditionally regarded as a more practical area of law. It has been a genuine pleasure to immerse myself in this course and gain exposure to the field's current challenges."

"My research essay was on Trump's trade tariffs and the Article XI 'Trump card'. It's a definite perk that my small talk has improved."

"Dr Imogen Saunders is the backbone of the course. Her immense knowledge of the area, her eternal patience in answering questions, and her clear and concise presentation of information are a great asset to both the law school and its students."

"The Phillipa Weeks Scholarship has been instrumental in my success at university. The financial assistance has allowed me to devote time to my studies without worrying about financial security."

"It's also been a great encouragement to be connected to the other scholars and the academics who support the program."

"I am motivated by their successes, informed by their mistakes, and heartened by the mutual recognition the program provides. Thank you to thank the donors of my prize, and the Phillipa Weeks Scholarship."

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