Will we find life on Mars?

Presented by ANU College of Science

Among our discoveries about Mars, one stands out above all others: the possible presence of liquid water on Mars, either in its ancient past or preserved in the subsurface today.

Water is key because almost everywhere we find water on Earth, we find life.

If Mars once had liquid water, or still does today, it's compelling to ask whether any microscopic life forms could have developed on its surface.

Is there any evidence of life in the planet's past?

If so, could any of these tiny living creatures still exist today?

Imagine how exciting it would be to answer, "Yes!!"

And imagine what we might find out with NASA's newest Martian visitor, Perseverance!

Let's find out with Dr. Ryan Ridden.

Suitable ages: 6-12+

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!

Timezone: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne [AEDT]

Closing Date

Registrations will close on Fri, 19 Mar, 5:30 pm.

Zoom Details

Zoom details will be shared on Fri, 19 Mar, 6 pm.

[Image: NASA]



For ACT Residents joining us in person

  • A small number of ACT residents will be able to join us in-person
  • The venue will be ANU Physics Link Studio
  • Participation in this session will be first-come best-dressed
  • Please register a ticket for every person attending
  • Multiple children from one family can attend
  • Each student must have a registered ticket
  • Parents must register a ticket for themselves also
  • Parents or guardians must accompany students i.e. no drop-offs provisions
  • We will be observing COVID-safe protocols
  • We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitisers etc.
  • Register using the ''In-Person: ACT'' ticket on Eventbrite

For People Outside Australian Capital Territory

  • Going to space needs thousands of people to run things globally
  • You can join us via Zoom Live at the same time as ACT residents
  • Register using the ''Online'' ticket on Eventbrite

More details to follow in the upcoming weeks via email.

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