Tree carving on ANU Campus by Paul Girrawah House

Experience First Nations history come to life in this tree carving ceremony on Country and on ANU campus grounds by Paul Girrawah House.

Ngambri - Kamberri - Canberra

Mallangari KAMBERRI Dhaura - (Alive on Kamberri country)

The spirit of our Ngambri (Kamberri) ancestors and old people is in the trees. The old trees on ANU campus help keep the peace. Trees help anchor our identity and belonging to Country, they hold knowledge, nurture and maintain the wellbeing of our people, plants, animals and stories. Trees help maintain lore and custom. They are our physical and spiritual guardians. They inform us how to be on Country. It's a story that is part of the truth-telling of our ancestors and Country. The contemporary markings of trees on Country and on ANU campus grounds is about many things, including a 'right over might' approach - a right for our ancestors, elders and families to be acknowledged, respected and honoured.  

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