Symposium on languages and linguistics in honour of Jane Simpson

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

This symposium consists of two days of talks that reflect the cohesion and range of Professor Jane Simpson's research and applied research interests. They centre around Australian languages, and related to those, the areas of historical linguistics, morphosyntax, semantics, the lexicon, and language acquisition and education, among others. They also reflect her active support of education in, and renewal of, endangered languages.

This in-person and online event will run over two days and feature 15-minute talks from local, national and international speakers. Each talk is followed by 5 minutes for discussion. Audience members are welcome to attend all or parts of the event.

Local attendees are very welcome to join us in person on the ANU Campus.
All talks will also be presented online. 

See the full program of talks and register on the website.