Microscope drawings with Erica Seccombe at Gawari Mada

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

About the workshop: You’re invited to join Living City: people, plants and place by participating in a microscope drawing workshop with Erica Seccombe at Gawari Mada (Holt Microforest). Participants will explore the visual language of plants at different scales through observation of form, pattern, colour and shape.  Microscopes, paper and drawing materials will be available for you to use. Drawings produced at the workshop will become source material for The Plant Sensibilia Machine public event later in the year.

All ages and abilities are welcome – there's no need to register. Drop in and spend time exploring the unique surrounds of Gawari Mada!

About the location: Gawari Mada Micro-Forest and Food Forest can be found at the Boyle Place Playground (opposite the Holt Shops across Beaurepaire Crescent). A Micro-Forest is a small but complete ecosystem that mimics a forest on a tiny scale. It’s a dense pocket of diverse vegetation that contains trees, shrubs, climbers and ground-covers that create a mini-ecosystem. A Micro-Forest captures carbon, breaks down decomposing organic material to return nutrients into the soil, creates habitat for wildlife and has a cooling effect on the surrounding area. Learn more.

About the facilitator: Dr Erica Seccombe is a senior Lecturer at the ANU School of Art & Design. She is an interdisciplinary artist and recognised nationally and internationally for her research into visualising 3D and 4D volumetric data acquired through Micro-CT Xray. Erica's has won prestigious prizes for her work, notably the 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Prize. Recently she has been a lead consultant on the Campbelltown Hospital Rebuild Art Strategy, working with First Nation and non-indigenous communities of the Macarthur region to create designs throughout the new 12 level development. 

Living City: people, plants and place is a three-year visual arts and design program working with Canberra’s suburban communities and many urban natural environments. The program encourages accessible and inclusive, art-based engagement with urban spaces while addressing climate change, urban biodiversity, wellbeing and conservation. This program is funded by ArtsACT and the ANU School of Art & Design. 

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Gawari Mada (Holt Microforest) Boyle Place Playground