Immersia: Engaging Asia and the Pacific

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific


Both the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and the ANU School of Culture, History & Language (CHL) represent a unique kind of diversity and multicultural knowledge system.
This has traditionally been showcased in smaller flagship events and initiatives. 
Our extended vision on the CHL Flagship Program, which showcases our research excellence, is to broaden its reach via a creative, interactive platform like Immersia. 
Join us as we bring all our amazing diverse cultural perspectives together in a cohesive, vibrant and collective cultural event!
Come and immerse yourselves with us in Immersia: Engaging with Asia and the Pacific! 
Presenting Immersia: a unique concept that will showcase our research excellence differently. 
Immersia is all about cultural immersion for that real-time experience of all the cultural and research diversity we represent. We currently also have a callout in progress for expressions of interest to participate and perform. 
Watch this space for updates on the 2023 program, which is coming soon. 


Expressions of Interest for 2023 Immersia Participation

Calling all researchers, academics, students, presenters, artists, dancers, singers, musicians and performers from the Asian, Pacific and Indigenous community...

Are you interested in showcasing your expertise, cultural traditions and heritage,  creativity, and talent at IMMERSIA 2023? 

Be it a performance, discussion, demonstration, talk, seminar, workshop, or presentation we would love for you to showcase it at our festival.

Some key themes of areas of focus include the following:  

  • Mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Cultural land management
  • Cultural heritage/preservation
  • Indigenous cultural practices
  • Music, song, dance
  • Traditional attire
  • Field school experiences and exhibits
  • Art, craft and photography 
  • Offbeat and unique regional talents
  • Martial arts
  • Body art
  • Book/publication launches

Send us your proposals with a short, two-line description of your concept/act, what kind of venue you would need or does not work for you, associated costs, any equipment or material we would need to supply, and any other detail you consider important for us to know when we evaluate your proposal. 

Submit your application to

Applications are open now until 11:59pm on Monday, 31 July 2023. 


Date and Times