Immersia 2023: Art Practice in Language Learning and Teaching

How does art practice contribute to language learning and teaching?

Associate Professor Peter Friedlander been drawing and painting images of India since he first travelled overland from the UK to India in 1977 and up to his most recent visit in 2017.

In this presentation and digital exhibition, Peter will draw on 40 years of such images to discuss the role of in learning and teaching language and culture. To illustrate this, he will show drawings and paintings he made in India while learning Hindi and explore how art practice was a vital element in his own study of Hindi language and Indian cultures.

Peter will then discuss how he set out from 2012 to incorporate his art practice into his teaching of Hindi and investigated the theory and practice of including comics in language teaching materials.

The event will conclude with a Q&A opportunity to discuss how more broadly art practice could make a valuable contribution to teaching and learning strategies.

Date and Times


Room: McDonald Room