How gravity rules the world

Presented by ANU College of Science

Gravity is a fundamental force that keeps the universe glued together.

At the same time, gravity is strong enough to prevent you from floating off into space from Earth, and weak enough that a young star can defeat gravity by picking up an apple from the ground.

It is weird.

We will explore the extreme large-scale Universe by observing the Sun to see how massive objects like the Sun and black holes bend and warp space with a fabric spacetime table that we will construct with you during this session.

This session will be led by astronomer Dr. Ryan Ridden Harper.

This session is possible thanks to the support of Inspiring The ACT.

Suitable ages: Do you like LEGO? or 6+

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!

Timezone: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne [AEDT]

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