Higher Degree by Research | Season One Exhibition One

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MICHELE ENGLAND's practice-led research explores painting compositions and techniques as a means of relaying her concerns about the escalating negative impact of entrenched anthropogenic systems on the Earth.

She juxtaposes the still life painting genre with collage techniques to suggest the causes and impact of the growing crisis.  The still life genre is a traditional approach that Michele uses to suggest the domestic interior, a contrived zone of human desire and safety.

Michele is a Higher Degree by Research Candidate and is completing her Master of Philosophy.

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ANNE-MARIE JEAN's work has explored combinations of pictorial and formal language which create multi-sensory nature-based painting.

Her doctoral research has demonstrated how particular combinations of painterly language can articulate a complex range of inter-relations and shown how an artist's embodied experience with nature-environments and with child rearing, can generate innovation within painting practice. The material outcomes and exegetical writing highlight painting's capacity to embody orientations to nature-environments, derived from cultural and societal attitudes, painterly traditions, material manifestations and personal bodily encounters. 

Anne-Marie is a Higher Degree by Research Candidate and is completing her Doctor of Philosophy.

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