From North Maluku to Canberra: Presiden Tidore aka Bams Conoras Live!

Presiden Tidore a.k.a Bams Conoras is a hip-hop artist from Tidore Island in North Maluku, Indonesia. 

In May 2024, Presiden and his crew will bring their passion for Maluku culture and their signature blend of contemporary and traditional music and dance to Canberra, courtesy of the ANU School of Culture, History & Language, 16Albermarle Project Space, Sydney, and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Australia. In Indonesia, Presiden Tidore is has a growing audience, attracted to his dynamic performance supported by an enormous range of performers, musicians and artists. His music draws on the traditions and history of his home island, Tidore, and calls for a greater recognition of the complex and vibrant contemporary cultures that lie away from the main centres of Indonesian culture in Java and Bali; Presiden’s lyrics, music and dance are an enlivening performance of regional identity and a demand for voice and recognition. You can find him on music and video streaming services as well as Instagram.



Date and Times


Theatre 2 (T2), Kambri Cultural Centre (ANU Building 153)
Acton, ANU Campus